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And another year and another super cheesy Xmas video to remind us ...
ok 10% OFF storewide until the 27th (boxing day = covered :) woohoo) . All the prices are already changed, no need to enter any code. 

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Celebrate Black Friday and Cyber Monday at with up to 20% off store wide! Discounts already applied store-wide..

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Hey guys, it is Chinese national day Holidays! 

Get an extra 10% OFF storewide from sept 29 to oct 5.

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From September 4th to September 10th, we've applied a huge 10% discount store-wide. For the USBKill Pro Kits V3 - the discount is doubled to 20%.

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USB Kill is available at the Mecca of penetration testing: DEF CON 26.

Thanks to our partners at HackerWarehouse the USB Kill Pro Kit V3 are available for purchase.

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