How do you use the USB Killer?
Use of the USB Killer is very simple: plug it into the device you wish to test.

How does the device work?
When plugged into a device, the USB Killer rapidly charges its capacitors from the USB power lines. When the device is charged, -200VDC is discharged over the data lines of the host device.

This charge/discharge cycle is repeated many times per second, until the USB Killer is removed.

How many times can the device be used?
Unlimited times.

Is the device safe?
The USB Kill and the USB Kill Testing Shield are safe to use. Both devices have been manufactured, tested and certified as CE Approved. Test in complete confidence.

When testing computer hardware, is data affected?
When tested on computers, the device is not designed or intended to erase data. However, depending on the hardware configuration (SSD vs Platter HDD), the drive controllers may be damaged to the point that data retrieval is impractical.


What does my order status mean?
There are several order statuses:

  • 'Paid' - order is paid, and will be soon sent the the warehouse. 
  • 'Paid, on backorder' - order is paid, and will be sent to the warehouse. 
  • 'Processing' - your order has been received by the warehouse, and is ready to be packaged.
    If you purchased on backorder, the package will be sent as soon as it is in stock.
  • 'Sent' - your parcel has been sent. You will receive a tracking code.
  • 'Received' - your parcel has arrived


Do you ship worldwide?
Yes. Customers have a choice of multiple delivery options, including free postage and express courier services.

How long does delivery take?

USBKill.com is partnered with professional, reliable shipping companies to ensure your package arrives as quickly as possible.
See the table below for average delivery times. Please note, these are average shipping times, provided as a guide.

Region Worldwide Shipping Express Shipping
North America 8 - 14 days (DHL Post) 6- 8 days (DHL)
Central America 10 - 18 days (DHL Post) 6- 8 days (DHL)
South America 10 - 18 days (DHL Post) 6- 8 days (DHL)
Western Europe 6 - 12 days (DHL Post) 5 - 8 days (DHL)
Southern Europe 10 - 18 days (DHL Post) 6- 8 days (DHL)
Eastern Europe 10 - 18 days (DHL Post) 6- 8 days (DHL)
Australia & New Zealand 4 - 8 days, (AU / NZ Post) 3 - 6 days (DHL)
Middle East
Turkey 9 - 13 days (DHL Post) 5 - 8 days (DHL)
UAE 5 - 9 days (DHL Post) 3- 6 days (DHL)
South East Asia 2 - 3 days (EMS Express) 2 - 3 days (DHL)
East Asia (Japan) 3 - 6 days (EMS Express) 3- 6 days (DHL)
Central Asia 8 - 12 days (EMS Express) 5 - 8 days (DHL)

Why is my country banned?
Unfortunately, some countries have unreliable postal systems, and due to a high amount of delayed / lost packages, we are unable to sell to some specific countries. If your country is on this list, you may contact customer service to see what we can work out - support@usbkill.com

What is your return policy?
Devices that are defective on arrival will be refunded or replaced immediately.
To qualify for a refund or replacement, customers should contact customer service (support@usbkill.com) within 3 days of reception of the device.

Please note, for all refund requests relating to defective products, we will require photographic or video proof - this will allow us to resolve your case more quickly.

Refunds are not issued for 'change of mind' purchases - all sales are final.

Please note, there are no issues refunded after shipment. It is your responsibility to confirm that your full address is correct, including telephone number. Unfortunately, we cannot be liable for lost orders due to an incorrect address.
Likewise, the shipping estimations provided are estimations, not guarantees. Delays, delivery attempts, etc on the behalf of the customer or delivery service are out of our control, and not subject to refund.


Is the USB Killer safe to use?
The USB Killer has been designed and tested to be safe for the user. Nevertheless, it remains a high-voltage device. Users should comply with all directions, warnings and notices before using the device.

Opening or attempting to open the device exposes users to the risk of an electrical shock.
Never open, or attempt to open the device - there are no user-servicable components inside.

Both the USB Kill and the USB Kill Testing Shield are 100% CE Approved - test in complete confidence.


What is your stance on malicious use?
USBKill.com strongly condemns malicious use of its products.
The USB Killer is developed and sold as a testing device. Use of the device can permanently damage hardware. Customers agree to the terms and conditions of sale, and acknowledge the consequences of use.

In a nutshell, users are responsible for their acts.
A hammer used maliciously can permanently damage to a third party's device. The USB Killer, used maliciously, can permanently damage a third party's device.

As with any tool, it is the individual, not the manufacturer of the tool, responsible for how the individual uses the tool.

The USB Killer was used on our equipment
Please see above. We suggest pursuing the individual responsible, or reporting the act to the appropriate authorities.


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